In the words of Kahlil Gibran,
“If love finds you worthy, it directs your course.”
Now days it works on API’s and algorithms
tuned into “love” albums.
Sending emojis on ultra high definition screens
living on the edge, never in between.

We no more stand in the alley
A little bit of chaos feels like death valley
Plugging out of reality and into our screens.
halfway through one of the cross joints
staring into oblivion, deciding a reference point.

Pouring my coffee or eating my oatmeal, staring at a screen
Filling a water bottle or talking to the neighbour, staring at a screen
Tomorrow couldn’t come any sooner
but today elapsed in a flash.
Still staring at a screen.

You’ve had plenty of digital love,
you want everything real now.
You want things you can touch,
something bizarre, like old custom cars.
To forget these digital scars.

We’re like phones now
phones with batteries at a “Blank bar”.
Love as a language,
has transcended with age.
Its not just about me and you,
It’s me, you and all these screens we wake up to.

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